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Francesca Halsall, European Champion & World Silver Medallist swimmer
I wanted a website building but due to my schedule was cautious at the amount of time needed to do this, especially with Commonwealth Games approaching. It was important that I had a world class website which my sponsors could be proud to be associated with. Ruth offered her services and with a brief guideline has created me the perfect site. She exceeded my expectations of what I wanted from a website and also managed to get the site up and running in time for the Commonwealth Games. I would recommend Ruth as she is dedicated to her work and guides her clients perfectly.

Richard Hanson, Northwest Bi Folding Doors Limited
Ruth quickly understood our requirements for our website and created a site which not only looks appealing but contains all the information required for our customers.  Ruth advised us throughout the process to ensure that the site maintained a consistent look and feel and created a strong starting point for optimization purposes. Our business is now up and running and Ruth is now assisting with our online marketing activities on an ongoing basis.  Her work is always delivered on time with a professional, no-nonsense approach.

Guy Dawson, Viridian Wood Limited
I own a company called Viridian Wood. I sell mostly weatherboarding for the outside of buildings.  I was looking for a web strategy that included a full rebuild of my website and an online sales strategy to generate business via the internet.

I was referred to Ruth via an old friend. Ruth and I met and discussed the design of the web site and how best to optimise it. She wrote the code and followed my design brief. She researched the market to advise me on how best to build the site for natural optimisation.  My site is now on page 1 for natural optimisation in my key market area.

Ruth also controlled my budget for PPC advertising. Within four weeks I had a fully functioning web site and sales strategy. After one week I have had to suspend the Google advertising due to the level of enquiries.

I would recommend Ruth for speed, efficiency, value for money but, most importantly, return on investment.          

Origin Frames Ltd
Origin Frames is an extremely successful company manufacturing Aluminium Folding Sliding doors.  We have a large customer base in the south of England and were looking for a presence in the north and to initiate an online marketing strategy to maximise income from the web. Ruth initiated the following:

Took 1000 records of potential customers in the North of England and managed a telesales operation to contact all the records to cleanse the data, collect further information and ask if they were interested in the product range.

This resulted in a number of appointments for sales reps, a number of orders and sufficient information for a useable database.

Ruth extracted all the other data from the company and built a marketing database. She set up an e-marketing system then wrote and sent the first six weeks of e-shots. She then passed over the process to the internal company team with instructions on how to develop the database further.

Thanks for the help - our business is up 61% on this time last year. This is no coincidence!

Mark Smith, Director - Livingstone Finance UK Ltd
Since we launched the business just over 18 months ago Ruth has been instrumental in setting up our systems, processes and procedures. Her organisational skills ensure that we can concentrate on generating income whilst minimising the adminstration involved.

On an ongoing basis Ruth now handles all our back-end administration and accounting procedures. As a small business we are unable to either justify the cost or the time of a full time member of staff to complete these tasks and Ruth's service is therefore invaluable to us, as we do not have the skills or time available to complete the work she handles.


pa accounting marketing webservices human-resources training