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A completed Booking Form must be agreed and signed by the Client before work can commence.

Hourly fees, agreed timeframes and a written estimate of time required will be agreed prior to the commencement of any work and detailed on the Booking Form.

A % deposit may be required for certain projects based on length, complexity etc. before work can commence.

Instruction by the Client is deemed as full understanding and acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Time spent on each project will be recorded and detailed on a timesheet. The cumulative time will be rounded up to the nearest 15 minute block and invoiced accordingly.

Additional costs incurred eg postage, couriers, telephone calls, non-standard materials etc will be charged at cost.

All mailshot costs including postage must be paid for in advance.

Invoices will be issued at the end of each project, fortnightly during the course of an ongoing project, or monthly for retainer clients.

Payment terms are strictly 14 days unless alternative terms have been agreed in advance.

Any overdue invoices will be subject to a monthly service charge of 2.5%.

Payment is accepted by cheque or BACS.

Final proof reading is the responsibility of the client.

Any errors must be notified to Minsway Virtual PA within 5 working days of the Client’s receipt of completed work and will be rectified free of charge.

Minsway Virtual PA can not be held responsible for liability or damage caused by computer viruses. Clients are advised to ensure that they are utilising appropriate virus protection at all times to avoid this risk.

Minsway Virtual PA can not accept responsibility for loss or damage to any items in transit.

Monthly retainer fees are available for clients for a minimum time period of 3 months and must be paid monthly in advance.  A letter of engagement will be provided at the beginning of the agreement, which can be extended at the end of the agreed period.

All hours worked on a retainer contract are recorded and deducted from the purchased hours.

Any unused hours may be carried over for a period of 1 month.  However if these are not utilised after this period they will be forfeited.

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